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Faith In Action – Sister Angelique Namaika

By the tender age of nine, Sister Angelique had already known that she would devote her life to helping others.  She was inspired by a German num who was in her village at that time.  Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sister Angelique Namaika – decades later – is doing exactly what she felt deep in her heart she’d be doing, helping others to lead a better life.

Like many refugees, she too was forced out of her home by the violence that existed then.  Death and misery was a daily part of her life.  Now, in spite of that, Sister Angelique Namaika has not given up on life, but has devoted her life to helping thousands of women and girls who have been displaced and traumatized by rebel groups and violence.  Her ministry gives hope to these women and girls and has gained international recognition.  Sr. Angelique Namaika  recently had the honor of meeting with Pope Francis.

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