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Message of the Holy Father Francis for Lent 2018

2018 Lenten Message

2018 Lenten Message The following is the Message of the Holy Father for Lent 2018 on the theme: “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24: 12).   Message of the Holy Father ...

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Carnival And Culture And The Role Of The Christian

Carnival And Culture There is much that is in my heart that I would like to share about this; sometimes it may overwhelm me, so I pray that all that God desires me to share in this post will be ...

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Christmas Reveals What Is In Our Hearts

Christmas Reveals Our Hearts To experience the joy of Christmas, you must first have the need for Christmas. We are about 5 days into the Christmas season and I am sure that you would have been asked before the season ...

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Protect Our Children – Lesson Taught By The Feast Of The Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents - Children

Protect Our Children Today, the Holy Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents. On this day with in the Christmas octave we remember the many little boys who were murdered in Jesus’ times all because of one ...

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Christmas Takes Us From Darkness Into The Light

Christmas is

Christmas 2017 So it’s Christmas Day once again and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. It has become necessary for us to ask the question, ‘What is Christmas? This is because, and I know this ...

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What Does Mary Teach Us About Advent And Christmas?

Mary Our Mother And Model

Mary And Advent As we journey through Advent towards Christmas, many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of a secular type of Christmas. Many would become so overwhelmed and distracted that they will completely miss the ...

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Advent – The Season Of Hope

Amidst a time of great turmoil in our world’s history, the Catholic Church presents the world with Advent and the message of great hope. This weekend the Holy Roman Catholic Church and many other Christian churches, begin the holy season ...

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All Saints Day – A Celebration Of Life In Christ Jesus.

Today the Holy Roman Catholic Church commemorates the solemnity of All Saints. This solemnity is celebrated on the 1st of November every year. If you attend Holy Mass regularly, you would be familiar with the feast days of many saints. ...

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Understanding Halloween And How It Should Be Celebrated

Understanding Halloween

Today many countries all over the world are celebrating Halloween. Until a few years ago, this was not part of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture. However, those seeking commercial gains have have introduced Halloween into the psyche of Trinidad and Tobago ...

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No One Else But Christ Jesus Will Set Us Free From Sin

Jesus Will Set Us Free From Sin

If we want to have a better world, repent of our sins and Christ Jesus will set us free from sin . . Jesus will set us free from sin Have you noticed that within recent times there is an ...

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