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Forth Sunday In Lent – Neither Him Nor His Parents Sinned

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Jesus teaches us that the suffering of others is not meant to brand them as sinners; but rather as God’s desire to let His Glory be seen through their sufferings. This Sunday from John 9: 1-41 ...

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Only Jesus Can Quench Our Deepest Thirst

Lent - Woman at the well

When we encounter Christ Jesus, we will never thirst again. I Thirst For You We are into the third week of Lent and the Holy Roman Catholic Church presents us with another very powerful reading from Sacred Scripture. It is ...

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Transfiguration- This is My Son, The Beloved. He Enjoys My Favor


(Fr. Dexter Brereton) The Fathers of the Church reading this well known story of the transfiguration of Jesus, see it as a preparation of the disciples for the scandal of Holy Thursday and Good Friday when their master would be ...

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First Week Of Lent – Our Wilderness Experience

The wilderness experience

Jesus’ wilderness experience teaches us to cling to Him Wilderness This weekend the Holy Roman Catholic Church celebrates the first week of Lent. The Gospel reading for this weekend is a very popular one that always makes me smile. This ...

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Why Should We Fast?

Why Christians Fast

Many people fast and may not understand why they do what they do. Here are some reasons why you should fast. We are well into the Lenten season and a common practice during Lent is that a fasting. Unfortunately, many ...

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We Have Lost A Sense Of Sin

Show mercy and forgive family

We are well into the first week of Lent and you will notice there is a common theme in the readings at Holy Mass – it is repentance.  There is the familiar song of “Come back to me”, turn away ...

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Jesus’ Temptation And What It Means To Us

Call To Repentence

The Gospel reading for this weekend spoke of a time of solitude for Jesus in the desert immediately after his baptism by John.  You may recall that this was just prior to the start of Jesus’ public ministry. The whole ...

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Is This The Fast God Wants?

Very often at the beginning of Lent, many are concerned with fasting and what they should give up for Lent. The incredible thing is that as Lent is over – if not before it is – many pick back up ...

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What Would Moses Say To Us?

Prepare a way

As we begin our journey through Lent, I challenge you – especially my countryman; citizens of Trinidad and Tobago – to take the Word of God to heart.  Personalize it and take it very seriously.  See what is happening around ...

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Come Back To Me – With All Your Hearts

Come Back To Me

  Today the Holy Roman Catholic Church begins a new period of lent, that beautiful season when Holy Mother Church challenges the faithful to take stock of their lives and to repent. For those of us who will go to ...

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