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Saint Francis Of Assisi

Why Christians Fast

The Life Of Saint Francis Of Assisi The Life Of Saint Francis Of Assisi. Saint Francis of Assisi was the founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in 1181 or 1182 — the exact year is uncertain; ...

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St. Henry II

On July 13, the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of St. Henry II, a German king who led and defended Europe’s Holy Roman Empire at the beginning of the first millennium.St. Henry was born in 972 to Duke Henry of ...

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St. Ignatius Delgado

St. Ignatius Delgado, whose feast we celebrate on July 12, was a Spanish missionary and is now one of the martyrs of Vietnam.He was born in Villafeliche, Spain, in 1761, and was raised in a pious family. He became a Dominican ...

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St. Benedict

On July 11, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Saint Benedict of Nursia, the sixth-century abbot who gave Christian monasticism its lasting foundation in Western Europe. For his historic role as the “Father of Western Monasticism,� St. Benedict was ...

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Martyrs of Damascus

Beaitifed by Pope Pius XI in 1926, these 8 Franciscan friars as well as three Maronite laypersons were offered the selection of changing to Islam or sustaining death in Damascus on July 9, 1860. Hundreds of Maronite Religious had already ...

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120 Martyrs of China

On July 9 the Church honors the feast of the 120 Martyrs of China. Religious persecution possesses a long past in China, specifically persecution of Religious, countless whom have needed their faith in the final millennium. On October 1, 2000, ...

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Saint Aquila and Saint Priscilla

Saints Aquila and Priscilla were actually a Jewish couple from Rome which had been banished to Corinth, and also were friends of St. Paul in the first century. They assisted St. Paul on his visit to that metro as well as were ...

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St. Jude

St. Jude Feast Day:- October 28 Patronage: desperate situations; forgotten, hopeless, lost and impossible causes; hospital workers; hospitals Jude was born in Galilee, the child of Alpheus and Mary, and was a fisherman by trade. He was a sibling of ...

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St. Luke The Evangelist

  Feast day: October 18th He is the Patron Saint for: physicians; surgeons; doctors; artists; art guilds; painters; art schools. Luke is discussed often in the Holy Scriptures, and himself authored two of its longest books. He was from Antioch, ...

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St. Ignatius Of Antioch

Feast day: October 17th He is the patron saint for throat disease. St Ignatius of Antioch was born in Syria, around the year 50; and died at Rome between 98 and 117 Also known as: Theophoros, or God-Bearer Little is ...

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