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Feast of Christ The King

Christ The King – A Recent Feast

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord ...

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The End of the world

The End Of The World – This Weekend’s Gospel

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) “When you see these things happening, know that ...

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Year Of Mercy Indulgnces

Year of Mercy Letter By Pope Francis

On September 1st, Pope Francis wrote a letter in which he outlined ...

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Year Of Mercy - 30th Jubilee Year

Year Of Mercy – The 30th Jubilee Year

In March of this year, Holy Father, Pope Francis announced a Year ...

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Year Of Mercy

Year of Mercy

In March of this year, while presiding over a penitential service, Holy ...

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Parent's guardian Angel Prayer

Advent And Family Life

Advent provides a blueprint for family life If I were to ask ...

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Advent - The Greatness Of God

Advent And the Magnificence Of God

The magnificence of God beckons us into a deeper relationship with Him ...

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Advent Hope

Advent – The Season Of Hope

This weekend the Holy Roman Catholic Church and many other Christian churches, ...

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Purpose Driven Name

Purpose Driven Name – Forth Sunday In Advent

Forth Sunday Of Advent – Your Purpose Is In Your Name By ...

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Catholic Apologetics


Catholic Church And The Cricifix

What is the Catholic Church’s teaching and beliefs on the crucifix? One ...

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Baptism In The Bible

Baptism In The Bible

Baptism is God’s most beautiful and magnificent gift….We call it gift, grace, ...

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What Catholics Believe

Catholic Church Teachings – Believe Or Not

As A Catholic, Should I Accept All Catholic Church Teachings? Every single ...

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Same sex unions - should I care?

Have You Been Saved? Are You Born Again?

How should I respond to someone who asks me if I’ve been ...

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Mary Queen Of Heaven

Why do Catholics call Mary the Queen of Heaven?

Why do Catholics call Mary the Queen of Heaven? Doesn’t God rebuke ...

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Exaltation Of The Cross

Why Catholics have Crucifixes in our churches…don’t we believe Jesus has risen?

St. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 1: 23. “… we are preaching ...

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Apologetics – Rules To Follow

Are there any fundamental rules for doing apologetics? We should constantly keep ...

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Is Catholic Baptism symbolic?

Is Baptism A Symbolic Act?

I have a friend who says that Baptism is a symbolic act ...

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