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His Love Has No End

Easter, A Reminder That His Love Has No End

“Give Thanks To The Lord For He Is Good, For His Love Has No End”

What a beautiful Glorious Saturday it was! As each of the readings were read one by one, there were a number of things that struck me. But the one that struck me the most was the line in the Responsorial Psalm which said, “His Love Has No End.” As this was proclaimed, something in me rejoiced apart from knowing that it is the celebration of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

God is Love and thank God HE IS!! If God were not Love, I don’t think we can begin to fathom the amount of trouble we’d be in! But because His Love has no end, He could not give up on us, even though through sin, we had turned our backs on Him – all of us abandoned God’s ways. Because His Love has no end and He could not give up on us His Beloved, He sent His only Son into the world – His Son who did not cling to His divinity, but emptied Himself and entered into our humanity so that He could be one with us except in sin.

Because “His Love has no end”, His sinless Son Jesus Christ, grew up in a sinful world to become the sacrificial Lamb of God; the One who was to take away the sins of the whole world, the One who was to freely lay down his life for us who He calls “friends”. Because “His Love has no end”, Jesus the Son of God took all our sins upon himself to Calvary. Because His Love endures forever, the once mighty grave could not contain the Son of God as He rose triumphantly from the dead – just as He said He would.

Our world is undoubtedly in trouble, as darkness tries to overtake it. When ever your world around you seems to be closing in on you, take your focus away from the challenges you face, and speak the refrain “His Love endures forever” to every situation that rises up against you; and as you do, ask God for the grace to abide in Him, in His Eternal Love.

Happy Easter to You and to Yours!

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