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Easter Joy In St. Francis, Belmont

The Lord Has Triumphed For The People Of Belmont

The St. Francis Pastoral Center was once again filled as parishioners of St. Francis Belmont came out in their numbers to celebrate.  The celebration here was a twofold; celebrating the joy of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus and also the new life that has been given to the St. Francis, Belmont faithful.

The celebration was indeed grand as the choir sang joyfully and was well supported by the congregation. Against the ambiance of the lighting of the Easter Fire, the lighting of the Easter candle, then the sharing of that light with those gathered, Fr. Thomas Lawson started his short sermon by saying  “It is a great moment for rejoicing!”  “The Lord has triumphed for the people of Belmont, and we are here to stay!”

Amidst shouts of AMEN, Fr. Lawson continued, “We’ve been in the desert for 40 days.  We have been in the wilderness for five years.”  “You will remember what I said two years ago that there is One God, there is One Church, and we the people of Belmont will once again worship under one roof.” “This my dear brothers and  sisters have come to pass,” he exclaimed with great joy.  Thanks to the very many people of Belmont who have helped to make this a reality.

“WE have been listening to the Word of God and just as God was testing Abraham’s faithfulness, He is calling us to be faithful, faithful to Him.” Continuing from where he left off on Holy Thursday, Fr. Lawson said that now the people of St. Francis, Belmont have a place to come.  Let us rebuild our parish community.

Fr. Thom ended his short sermon exclaiming, “The Lord has risen ALLELUIA! The Lord has risen in our hearts ALLELUIA!  The Lord has risen on the people of Belmont, ALLELUIA!!

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