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The Most Holy Trinity Feast Tells Us Who God Is

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Today’s feast, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is a feast, highlighting the Christian teaching on the doctrine of God. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity supplies the answer to the question “who is God?” ...

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Ascension Message – Take The Message Of Jesus To Those Outside Your Social Circles

Ascension - Go! Spread the Good News!

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Ascension message to every Catholic – Get out of your comfort zone and spread the message of Truth. The accounts of the Ascension of Jesus across the four gospels are not in harmony with respect to ...

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The Shepherd Of The Flock Enters Through The Gate

shepherd of the flock

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) I tell you most solemnly, anyone who does not enter the sheepfold through the gate, but gets in some other way is a thief and a brigand. The one who enters through the gate is the ...

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What Does Zacchaeus And The Sycamore Tell Us About Ourselves?


(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Kevin was a member of the youth group that I remember well. He was a little shorter than six feet. But what stood out about him was the fact that he liked to dress all in ...

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The Tax Collector And The Pharisee – Humility And Pride

humble prayer

(By Fr. Dexter Breretor) The Tax Collector and the Pharisee in prayer – one in humility and one in pride and arrogance. One of the most talented educators I know is a man with tremendous dedication, attention to detail, high ...

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Are We Willing To Forgive Our Family Members?

Show mercy and forgive family

(Fr. Dexter Brereton) Do we show mercy and forgive family members? As we reach the final stages of this extraordinary Year of Mercy, the Sunday readings present us with these exquisite parables of mercy. First we have the parable of ...

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If You Want To Be My Disciple You Must Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me

Catechism Of The Catholic Church - I believe in God

Knowing You Jesus  . . . There Is No Greater Thing . . . By Fr. Dexter Brereton If you are looking for an insurance policy against hard times, against grief or even against spells of unhappiness, Christianity, true Christianity, ...

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The Cross: an “access card” or the “outcome” of a faithful life?

the Cross

I was telling the congregation at our community in Tacarigua recently, that for generations, the Catholic Church as an institution has provided for many of our young people a ‘pathway to life.’ It is a pathway that begins with their ...

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Which Of Them Would Love Him More?

Alabaster box

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Stealing Love On The Side As a boy, my older relatives were quite fond of a popular song called “Stealing love on the side” about the feelings of lovers who literally steal love to which they ...

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The Work Of The Spirit

The Work of the Spirit

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) One of the peculiar discomforts of leaving home and moving, especially to a large North American city like Toronto is the absolute loss of the sense of direction as familiar landmarks etched in the consciousness are ...

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