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Jesus Healed A Leper Teaching Us To Be Compassionate

{jcomments on}Today’s gospel reading is about how Jesus healed a leper. Not only did Jesus heal him, but Jesus touched him as well. Today’s gospel speaks to us about being compassionate; what it means to be compassionate. It speaks to us about our own brokenness, and how we too should cry out from the depths of our hearts, “Jesus touch me! Jesus heal me!”

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Who Do You Say I Am

If I were to ask you, "who do you say I am?" you probably won't be able to answer because you do not know me.  Most if not all of us, have had experiences where we have heard about someone or about a particular situation, and have in our own minds, formed an opinion about them or about the situation. Then, sometime later, we had the opportunity to meet the person or get first-hand information on the situation and our whole concept, or opinion of that person or of that situation changed. In many situations we may have completely misjudged the person or the situation.  We got it all wrong. We may have made the person out to be a bad person or not so nice person based on what we have heard of them.

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Like A Deer

Like a deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is thirsting for you, my God. Psalm 42:1

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Sharing Our Catholic Faith – A Practical Guide – Part 3

{jcomments on}Eureka!  I’ve Found It!

One of the things that I try to do is to go to mass during the week, mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. One this particular Friday, after quite an eventful morning at the office, I was quite determined to go to Mass.  It was one of those Fridays that if I did not move fast, something would come up to prevent me from going.  So I hastily left the office to go to mass, which was about two blocks away.  As I left the office and was heading down the street, I became very aware that there was someone – a very busy-bodied someone – hustling behind me.  I could almost feel the energy of the person as they ran to meet me. As she got to my side, this very pleasant voice said, “Good morning sir. Can you tell me where Knox Street is?”  I was a bit surprised because the person appeared to be very young but yet very well mannered.

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Sharing Our Catholic Faith – A Practical Guide – Part 2

{jcomments on}You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have


There is a wise old saying that says ‘You cannot give that which you do not have’. In simple English, if I have no money, then I cannot give you $100.00.  It reminds me a bit about a story I once heard about a poor man who would pass by the church every day and pray, “Lord, I have no money and I don’t know where my next meal is coming from.  I have bills to pay. Do you think Lord you can bless me with the winning numbers of the lotto? I don’t need much Lord. Amen!”  Everyday he did the same thing; pass by the church and prayed the same prayer, but nothing seemed to change.  Then one day, in his anxiety, he said, “Lord are you really there? Why am I still in the same position? Do you really care?”  Then he paused for a while, and in the silence, heard a gently but firm voice that said, “My child, I am always with you and of course I do care; but if you haven’t got a ticket then you haven’t got a chance.

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20 Permanent Deacons For Trinidad

On Saturday 06 February 2010, in the archdiocese of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, history was created when the 20 men ordained as permanent deacons. A permanent deacon is somewhat different from a transitional deacon in that a permanent deacon will remain a deacon all his life, while the transitional deacon will move on to become a priest. It is the first time in the history of the archdiocese of Port-of-Spain, that so many men have entered the diaconate program and have been ordained as permanent deacons.

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Sharing Our Catholic Faith – A Practical Guide – Part 1

Live The Faith


The word Catholic means universal; and a basic aspect of our Catholic faith is that of spreading it or rather sharing it with others. One of the real beauty of our faith is to come to Jesus Christ in a real and powerful way. It can be equated to that of a priceless treasure or a pearl of great price. The great thing about this experience; the beauty of this treasure; the real value of this pearl of great price is that there is more than enough of it to be shared with the whole world. In fact, the Catholic faith attains its real value when it is shared with others.  The Catholic faith is something that is alive - in fact very much so - and active.


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Joy To The World

One of the most beloved of all Christmas Carols, especially because of its jubilant tone and mood, “Joy to the World” was composed by one of the most influential Christian musicians in history, the British poet and musician Isaac Watts ...

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A Sense of Sin

One of the tragedies of modern day living is that we have lost a sense of sin. All the advancements in technology and alternative lifestyles, but all of the barrage that we get from the media on a daily basis, ...

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What Does It Mean To Be Catholic

What doeOn being Catholics it mean to be Catholic? What does it mean to be a Catholic particularly in our world today? A world that is so filled with darkness; a world that is so filled with pain; a world that is embroiled in sin. What does it mean to be Catholic in the world today? To begin with, I must say that the very Spirit of God is at work, and continues to work tirelessly in aweakening the Catholic Church. I find it very interesting that within the last few months, there has been this burning desire in me to do a lot more with this site - FullyCatholic.com. Apart from that, I have noticed a definite and deliberate movement among some Catholic Communities in clarifying or should I say, defining what being Catholic is all about.  That is definitely the movement of God's Holy Spirit.

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