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Glorious Saturday

In accordance with ancient tradition, Glorious Saturday night one of vigil for the Lord. For it is written in Exodus chapter 12, verse 42, “the night, when he we kept vigil to bring them out of the land of Egypt, ...

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Good Friday

Good Friday also known as the celebration of our Lord’s passion, is the second day of the Easter Triduum. In this celebration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, We listen to the words of Scripture and strive to ...

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Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday marks the beginning of the Easter Triduum in the holy Roman Catholic Church. Today we celebrate Christ’s twofold giving of himself: To his enemies, to die on the cross for the life of the world. The is the ...

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Easter Triduum

What every Catholic needs to know about Lent, Triduum and Easter

The Easter Triduum is a period in the calendar of the Catholic Church that spans from Holy Thursday through to Glorious Saturday.  These are the three days that immediately precedes Easter Sunday, when the Church erupts with celebration over Jesus’ ...

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Easter Is The Celebration Of The Risen Christ

Painting of the Risen Jesus Christ by Vincent Barzoni

Easter is a time when the Catholic Church becomes more alive than ever, because it is a time when the church celebrates, when the church remembers the salvation of  our God.  All of the Catholic Church's feasts and celebrations are centered around one word - remembrance.  For example at Christmas time, we remember and we celebrate birth of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, into our world.  He came not as God, but as priest and victim, the precious Lamb of God to take away all of our sins.  Put in layman's terms, he came to make a way so that all of us can gain the ultimate purpose for which we were created and that is to live forever with our Heavenly Father in heaven.

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