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15 Years Of Catholic Music Ministry

Grace Music Ministry celebrated their 15th anniversary as a music ministry within the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad. The ministry saw it fit, in meeting this milestone, to have a month of activities in October, 2015. This started with a Thanksgiving mass on Sunday October 4th at the beautiful Green Meadows Retreat Centre in Santa Cruz. All of the music that was used for the liturgy, were composed by members of the ministry.

The chief celebrant for the opening mass was Bishop Robert Llanos, and he had the task of using readings that spoke of marriage and divorce and family life in the celebration of Grace’s 15th anniversary.

Bishop Llanos said to his listening audience, “the first thing we should do is to approach everything with a spirit of thanksgiving.”

“An attitude of gratitude is how we should look at everything,” said Bishop Llanos.

He lamented that one of the things that work against an attitude of gratitude is when we think that what we have received is not enough, or what we have accomplished is not good. “In other words”, he continued, “if we spend our lives concerned with what we don’t have rather than what we do have, then we can never be grateful or thankful.”

In so doing, it teaches us something; that we will only be grateful for what we have, and what God has done for us and in us, if we treat with what we have received well. If we have taken what we have received, and perfected it by God’s grace, so that we can offer it back to God as a perfect offering in Christ.”

In concluding, he said, “here we have a bunch of people with gratitude in their hearts to God, for the talents and gifts they have been given.  They come together to worship the Lord as a group, and they allow that grace flowing in their lives as a group, to minister to the people of God everywhere.”  He continued, “they could not have accomplished what they have without an attitude of commitment and fidelity to each other and to the mission of the group.”

Readings And Sermon For Opening Thanksgiving Mass

The Entire Opening Thanksgiving Mass

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