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Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Tradition And Sacred Scripture

PART ONE: THE PROFESSION OF FAITH SECTION ONE “I BELIEVE” – “WE BELIEVE” CHAPTER TWO – GOD COMES TO MEET MAN Article 2 Tradition and Sacred Scripture The Relationship Between Tradition and Sacred Scripture One common source. . . 80 ...

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What is the relationship between Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium?

Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium are so closely united with each other that one of then cannot stand without the others.  Working together, each in its own way, under the action of the one Holy Spirit, they all contribute effectively ...

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What is the relationship between Tradition and Sacred Scripture?

Tradition and Sacred Scripture are bound closely together, and communicate one with the other.  Each of then makes present and fruitful in the Church the mystery of Christ.  They both flow out of the same divine well-spring, and together make ...

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