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The Almighty

Glory to God in the highest

As you may have noticed, what the Catholic Church believes and teaches is summarized in the Creed that is professed so very often during Mass – mores-o on weekends. The Catholic Catechism takes each segment of the Creed and expounds ...

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The Creed – What Catholics Believe


It is important to understand what we believe as Catholics, and to understand the true teachings of the Catholic Church. There are so many misconceptions about what we believe. Part of the problem is the many Catholics have no clue about what the Church teaches, and as such they are easily mislead by un-truths.  St Paul writes in 1 Timothy 6: 3 - 5, "Anyone who teaches anything different and does not keep to the sound teaching which is that of our Lord Jesus Christ, the doctrine which is in accordance with true religion, is proud and has no understanding, but rather a weakness for questioning everything and arguing about words. All that can come of this is jealousy, contention, abuse and evil mistrust; and unending disputes by people who are depraved in mind and deprived of truth, and imagine that religion is a way of making a profit."  In another article, I shared a brief history of the Catholic Church and the Bible, and the origin of both.  Please feel free to review this before reading on.

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