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Update – September 28th, 2015

May the Peace of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Thank you for visiting FullyCatholic. We try our best to provide you with the tools you need to help grow your Catholic Faith. With that in mind, we are constantly looking for better ways to meet your spiritual needs. Some of our recent additions or changes include: –

Adding audio to some posts on the faith or Church Documents. We know that you are busy and we do not want your hectic schedule to get in the way of your faith growth. So while you may not have the time to stop and read some of the posts, you can listen to the audio files.  Some can also be downloaded and taken with you where ever you go.

Internet Radio – We continue to refine our play list to deliver the right type of music to help bring you into the presence of God and to experience His tremendous Love. We have also updated our streaming software to better deliver our programming to you.

Mobile App – Late last year, we launched FullyCatholicApp, our first mobile app. The app is available on Android and iOS operating systems devices. We have however noticed that with the recent upgrade on some Android phones to version 5.0.1 or higher, there has been a challenge in getting the internet radio to stream. We are working with our developers to try to find a way around this issue.

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