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Christopher Phillips

Christopher Phillips

..Isn’t The Love Of God Truly Amazing?! . . .

I want to share a story with you; a true story about a man – in fact God became man – and who loves me and you sooo very much that this man gave all, all that he had – He gave up His divinity; He gave it all –  the ultimate being His life for you and for me.  My story telling skills may not do this awesome true love story justice, so I have put together a little video to help (please press play below).  I pray that in looking at this video, you will come to the realization of just how much GOD truly loves you.  Much of what is shares on this site and I dare to say that all of the Catholic Faith stems from this absolutely Incredible and Amazing Love of GOD.

As I am writing this, my mind went back on when I was younger and in secondary school here in Trinidad. I went to church every weekend – mostly because my parents made sure that my other siblings and I went. Back then, there was this crazy thought that going to church was not cool, and that being Catholic was even worse. I did not quite understand what the Church teachings were. There was a part of me being that rebelled against it. I made First Holy Communion at an early age – I may have been eight or so – then I was confirmed at age 13. I honestly cannot remember much of what happened there. All I can say is WOW! What a mighty God we serve! Even though I did not understand what it was all about; even though I was just going through the motions; God was clearly working in me then.

Lessons to be learned here

I have heard many young people complain that their parents were forcing then to go to Mass and that they did not understand what was going on. Well my dear young, please go with an open heart. You have nothing to lose and eternal life to gain. Even though you do not understand, God’s graces will be poured out on you making your life soooo much richer that anything else in this world. Going to Mass regularly – not just every weekend – is the best decision you can and will ever make.

To The Parents

Do not give in to the pressure and complaints from your children and sometimes even from other adults about ‘forcing’ your children to do what you know to be the right thing, in particular, going to Mass regularly. Our children are a gift from God to us, and He expects us to bring them us in a way that will reflect His goodness, His love and His mercy. This simply will never be done if we raise our Catholic children outside of the Catholic Church. We will be allowing them to be exposed to the whims and fancies of this world, all of which will lead them away from God and from Heaven. So as a parent, you will be held accountable by God for the decisions you did or did not make on behalf of your children.

Anyway, as I grew older, I was invited to a youth rally by a couple of friends. I remember being absolutely amazed at what I saw when I got there. There were more than 10,000 young people singing and praising God and the music was out of this world! Not too long after that I got involved in a youth leadership program, where we were thought what the Catholic Church teaches and believes. Most of these sessions were conducted by a priest called Fr. John Theodore. He has played a really big role in me being who I am now and I am eternally grateful to God for the blessing Fr. John T has been to me and to thousands of others. He has this absolutely amazing way of explaining the Word and of teaching the Word, born out of a passion that burns in him for God. It was at these sessions that a hunger started to grow within me for more of my Faith – the Catholic Church and for Jesus Christ.

For the first time I knew why I was Catholic and I was soooo absolutely proud of it! Throughout this site, I will be using as many of the recording of Fr. John Theodore as possible, so that hopefully you too, will get excited about your faith, the Holy Roman Catholic Church – that is if you are not already.

With this in mind, I sincerely hope you find this site helpful and in inspiration. Please feel free to sign our guest book before you leave, as well as share this site with your friends.

May the Grace, the Peace and the Love of God overflow you.

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