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The Liturgy – The Work Of The Blessed Trinity

Liturgy - Works of The Trinity

With the liturgy the Father pours out and fills us with his blessings in the Word made flesh – His Son Jesus Christ – who died and then rose victorious from the grave for us and pours into our hearts ...

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Catholic And Anglican Communities Unite

The Anglican and Catholic communities come together on a Lenten mission entitled “His mercy endures forever”. The brain child of Rev. Fr. Ronald Branche, the idea was for the coming together of Christian communities in Belmont to pray and to ...

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Apostolic Tradition And The Catholic Church

What is Apostolic Tradition and how does it relate to the Catholic Church? Apostolic Tradition is the transmission or ‘relaying’ of the message of Jesus Christ, brought about from the very starts of Christianity, when Jesus came and dwelt among ...

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The Catholic Church And Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture and The Catholic Church

Why Is Sacred Scripture Always Right? Sacred Scripture came from the heart of God and was written by Him. For this reason it is claimed to be inspired and also to teach without mistake those truths which are required for ...

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The Doctrine Of The Holy Trinity – A Brief Explanation

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) The Gospel reading taken from the final passages of Matthew’s gospel reflect a Trinitarian baptismal formula that was already in use by the time Matthew set these words into writing: “baptise them in the name of ...

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The Holy Spirit Makes The Catholic Church A Living Breathing Reality

Answering The Call

(By Fr. Dexter Brereton) Driving through Port of Spain recently I saw a car with the bumper sticker “SELF MADE”. I wondered at this sign which in many ways is typical of the spirit of many of the people of ...

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Is The Catholic Church The True Christian Church?

The Holy Catholic Church

With thousands of Christian denominations all over the place how do we know that the catholic church is in fact the true Christian church? It is a known fact that the Catholic Church is the only Christian church that can ...

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Catholic Bible vs Protestant Bible

Why does the Catholic bible have more books than the Protestant bible? There are seven 7 books in the Catholic bible that are not in the Protestant’s bible.  These books are Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch, I and II Maccabees, ...

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Catholic Church Teachings – Believe Or Not

As A Catholic, Should I Accept All Catholic Church Teachings? Every single thing that the Catholic Church teaches has its root and foundation is Matthew 16: 18 – 19.  Here Jesus, the Son of God decreed, “So I now say ...

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Catholic Church And The Cricifix

What is the Catholic Church’s teaching and beliefs on the crucifix? One of my co-workers asked me why do Catholics have Crucifixes in our churches … don’t we believe Jesus has raised? Why do we keep Him on the cross? ...

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