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Representatives Baptist Lhsinod common concern of Scripture and Mission


(Vatican Radio) moment of profound distinction church. That was how Fr Federico Lombardi, director of the Press Office of the Holy See, the atmosphere described during the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican family here on Sunday to end. Determines how the meeting Monday was part of a longer process will conclude in October 2015, Fr Lombardi, the atmosphere of honesty and transparency said was an important part of any other previous Synod of the Church Universal separated.

The 253 participants were to share and representatives of other Christian churches, are invited to share their experiences with the pastoral care of families in the context of evangelism. They include Valerie Duval Poujol “, a representative of the brothers of the World Baptist. My family was Baptist Catholic Church involved working theologian and professor at the Institut Catholique in Paris, has extensive experience of ecumenism in action. She sat down with Philippa Hitchen about the common sense of mission to share their thoughts and the need for a new language in order to touch the hearts of the young people of today …

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“I’m very impressed with the quality of the exchange between the Synod Fathers – Sometimes people have vision of the church is by far the cold, but I really felt compassion of the heart of Shepherds ….

Synod (know) that we have some problems and we try together about what would be the best way to think about speaking the gospel to our generation …

Most of what we together to share between Baptists and Catholics, one concern is our common mission, we are Baptists really mission of the church and we felt it was the request of the Synod Fathers, so that we can encourage each other in our common mission ….

is our common ground, and the writings very touched my heart by synod fathers citing any Scripture in their discourse and that our common heritage. As we shared the Bible and dig, the more we try to connect to Jesus, the more we will see how he and the more we can get closer to and become missionaries or witness in the world … “.

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