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Pope Religion: creative fidelity to tradition


(Vatican Radio) Francis received participants in the plenary session of the institutions and organizations in the Community for the holy life of life to keep mandarin of the Pope on Thursday in the Vatican Apostolic Palace. 25 th 29 th November plenary session gathered participants to reflect the character of the new wineskins for new wine, taken from the Gospel of St. Mark (2.22), with a focus cultivation of creative fidelity to their specific occupations and their special charisma broad mission holy life.

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things prepared for the occasion, Franz said, “demanding task that will take you along – that estimated the new wine and the verification of the quality of the leather is too close – you can charismatic of the criteria of the original choice evangelicals, loyalty, superiority of service, attention to honor frail little the dignity invited each person ‘.

The plenum shall also look at the year, to keep it holy life, will officially open next Sunday, November 30 th , with the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the new Church year. “We must not be afraid to” leave wineskins old “, that is, to those habits and structures that is sacred in the life of the Church and for life, we know more attention to what God asks of our days continue his kingdom in the world ahead, “said Francis” structures, giving us a false defense and put a brake on the dynamics of love Habits pushes us from the absence of that we sent, and prevent us from listening to the cries of the waiting for the good news of Jesus Christ. “

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