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FullyCatholic App Download

FullyCatholic App – Download

Download Your Own FullyCatholic App

Fully Catholic App is a FREE app to help build your Catholic Faith.   It allows you to take along with you where ever you go, the most important parts of the FullyCatholic website. The app is available on the two major platform – Android and Apple.  The features of the FullyCatholic App are:

* A lecture by Fr. John “T”, entitled The History of the Catholic Church & Where the bible came from. This sharing proves that the Catholic Church is the true and only Christian church that can trace itself back to Jesus, and that the Bible is a Catholic book.

* Fully Catholic Internet Radio streaming great Christian music and sound Catholic teachings all day, every day – 24/7.

* The Holy Rosary that you can pray when ever you want – The joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous mysteries.

* An Audio Library loaded with lectures by one of the Church’s best apologist, covering a wide range of topics such as Mary, the Eucharist, Marriage, Sola Fide, Sacraments, one Church, rapture and a whole lot more.

* Some of the basic prayers of the Catholic Church

* Youtube videos done by FullyCatholic that covers Catholic teachings, praise and worship and more . .

This app is a must-have for every Catholic, as well as non-Catholics wanting to learn about the Catholic Faith.

The FullyCatholic app can be downloaded and installed on Android and Apple devices. Please click on the link below that suits your mobile device


Android Device

Apple Device


Thank you for downloading FullyCatholic App

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