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Francis Paraguay: Arabic prayer sermon on Saturday,


(Vatican Radio) Francis presided at the evening service with bishops, priests, clergy religious, priests and members of Catholic movements Paraguay on Saturday night at the Cathedral of Asuncion. Below is the full text of the things ready that. The Holy Father their official English translation

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Visiting envoys Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay

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Evangelical Gaudium Each of us has its limits, and no one was able to reconstruct the Christ in all its fullness. In spite of all professions, certain aspects of the life and work of Jesus Christ, some topics of general and substantial link. Right now we praised the Lord for "he did not look to be exploited to equality with God as something." This is the case with every Christian vocation: not to show a man of God; He or she is not the recognition or applause; He claims to be better than others, stands out, as if on a pedestal.

of Turgy The Letter to the Hebrews. As we just read the last section of the letter, we want to be perfect like "great shepherd of the sheep." This means that every human being is sacred meet Jesus, reached in his earthly life ", with prayer and supplication, with shouting and cry aloud" perfection, if, through suffering, the importance of obedience he learned. It is also part of our destiny

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