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Francis makes a surprise visit to St. Joseph University

(Vatican Radio) Francis made an unscheduled stop in St. Joseph University in Philadelphia on Sunday, celebrated shortly before the final exhibition World Meeting of Families.

Francis blessed a new statue – ” The revenue and Ecclesia in our time. “- Recalled the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, Vatican II document on the Church’s relations with non-Christian religions

bronze work on the front of the Chapel of St. Joseph is, by Philadelphia artist Joshua Kaufman , dedicated in -. September 25

Saint Joseph’s University is a Jesuit institution, was to find the first university in the United States its Institute of Jewish-Catholic relations

“to unforgettable get to was actually walking on our campus, said Marc C. Reed, president of St. Joseph.

“This is a truly historic day for the University of St. John Joseph, Jesuit education throughout the country and the importance of inter-religious relations,” he added.

Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Buenos Aires, an old friend of Francis, was a short ceremony.

(from Vatican Radio) code


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