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Address “Francis Paraguayan authorities


(Vatican Radio) on arrival in Paraguay, Francis called for the promotion of the public interest and encouraged to strengthen efforts to promote peace and democracy in the country. He also said the assistant should be given to the poor and needy primacy of place. The Pope’s words at government agencies and the diplomatic corps area Paraguay presidential palace came shortly after arriving in Asunción on Friday (July 10) on the last leg of his trip to Latin America.

Mr President,

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Members: please find below a translation of the full text of wanting things the Pope the diplomatic corps,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I offer cordial greetings to you, Mr President, and thank you for your words of respect and affection for your greeting on behalf of the Government, civil authorities and the people of Paraguay favorite. I also congratulate the distinguished members of the diplomatic corps, and through them, I express my respect and esteem for the countries they represent.

Through specific word, because all the people and institutions that have worked so hard to make this visit and feel at home. It’s not hard to feel so welcome in any country. Paraguay is considered the heart of America, not only for its geographical location but also because of the heat of its hospitality and the likelihood of people known.

From the dawn of independence from previous the country Paraguay the terrible suffering through war, civil war, the lack of freedom and contempt for human rights did caused. How much suffering and death! However, people in Paraguay have to overcome an admirable spirit of perseverance in adversity and showed the work to build a prosperous and peaceful nation. Here, in the garden of the palace have so much history of the country witnessed – from the moment it was no more than a riverbank of the Guarani used and to this day – I want to pay tribute to the people of Paraguay usual many whose names are not written in the history books to pay, but it was, and will continue to be, the true heroes in the lives of your people. I would also like to thank profound admiration the role of women in Paraguay full of dramatic moments of this historic. As mothers, wives and widows, to shoulder the heaviest burden; They found a way to move their families and their country forward to a better future, the acquisition of new generations of hope. People

forgets its past, its history and its roots, has no future. Memory, if it is based on justice and rejects hatred and the desire for revenge, the past makes a source of inspiration for building a future of peaceful coexistence. It also makes us understand the tragedy and futility of war. There would be an end to the war between the brothers! Always let us create peace! A peace that grows stronger by the day, so that peace itself in daily life felt peace where everyone wears the applicant in order to avoid a sign of arrogance, insults, contempt, and collaborate instead to the concept of dialogue and cooperation to promote.

years Paraguay build request to the efforts of every one robust and stable. It is right to recognize the progress of satisfaction in that direction, thanks also due to the difficulty and uncertainty high. I encourage you to continue working to strengthen the structures and democratic institutions, so that they can to the legitimate aspirations of the people of the nation. Government of your Constitution, “the representative democracy, cooperative and pluralistic society” that respond to the promotion and respect of human rights, you have the temptation for a democracy purely formal one that, Aparecida put it to banish settle is content “founded on fair election procedures” with being (Aparecida Document, 74).

all areas of society, and above all a public service, it is necessary to reiterate that dialogue is the best way to promote a good control on the basis of a culture of encounter, respect and recognizing the differences and legitimate opinions of others. In an effort to overcome the spirit of constant conflict, ideology or beliefs had a partisan interest advantage to combine with a love of country and people. Love has a greater incentive to effort and administrative relentless fight against corruption Transparency.

Dear friends, I want to serve and promote the common good, the poor and needy priority to enter the scene. Paraguay made on the way in the promotion of economic growth. Important steps have been taken in the areas of education and health. Could all sectors of society to work to ensure that never again are children without access to learning, families homeless, unemployed forced a dignified to cultivate small farmers without land or farmers to leave their land uncertain future. It could be an end to violence, corruption and drug trafficking. The economic development without taking into account the weak distress and real development. Economic progress must be measured by the helpless integral dignity of the person, especially the injury and most.

Mr President, dear friends, on behalf of my brothers, the bishops of Paraguay, I would also like to assure you that the commitment and cooperation of the Catholic Church in a joint effort to build a just and close where people live in peace and harmony. All of us, even the priests of the Church, called to build a better world (cf. Gaudium Evangelical, 183) to be affected. Sure, our faith in God, the human being will be taken to live among us and shared with us a lot, asks us to push forward. Jesus opens us the way of mercy, which founded on justice, goes beyond the induction of the works of charity, so that no one is at the edge of a large family, which he want to Paraguay, the country you love left and offer you.

With great joy I have for Israel, which is dedicated to the Virgin of Caacupé come, I walk with you all the blessings of God, your family and all the beloved people of Paraguay. This condition can be fruitful, as symbolized by fower Pasiflora to paint the mantle of Our Lady, and where appropriate, the national colors that adorn the image to all members of Paraguay to adopt the mother of Caacupé.

Thank you.

(from Vatican Radio) code

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